The Reigning Grace Internship

The Reigning Grace Internship program allows individuals interested in biblical counseling to gain first-hand experience.

Interns can be in the initial stages of learning about biblical counseling or in the final stages of their graduate work, doctoral work, or certification to gain crucial experience within the counseling center and the counseling room before being awarded their degree or certification.

Through observation videos, supervised counseling opportunities, and administrative work, interns can learn what it looks like to both run a counseling center and minister to the lost and hurting as well.

A Word from Julie

“Reigning Grace Counseling Center is passionate about biblical counseling. I strongly believe in the process of duplication and multiplication of who we are and what we do. Therefor., I believe an intern should be involved in operating a biblical counseling and discipleship center to best equip you for full-time service in a church or parachurch organization. This is more than simply gaining counseling experience; it is refining skills necessary for each step of the biblical counseling and discipleship process. We are here to offer that/

I look forward to being part of your educational journey!”

What is necessary to be an intern?


Although not all interns will become biblical counselors, all interns must abide by the same Code of Ethics and Conduct as outlined in the ACBC Code of Conduct for Biblical Counselors. Along with this code, interns are expected to have and do the following:


    • Humility, teachability, and ability to grow and change;
    • Demonstrate competence and work hard;
    • Participation in RGI Training Classes, conferences, and seminars;
    • Involvement in the day-to-day operations of RGCC;
    • Five hours during the work week to dedicate to the internship.

What can interns expect to gain?

    • Quality hands-on training in biblical counseling and discipleship;
    • The opportunity to receive up to 150 hours of training in a counseling center, including:  
      • The opportunity to receive a minimum of 10 hours of counseling observation,
      • The opportunity to provide up to 50 sessions of supervised biblical counseling;
    • Hands-on experience in various aspects of the ministry as you serve alongside RGCC staff members;
    • The opportunity for a ministry calling to be explored and confirmed;
    • Help in realizing who God has called and designed you to be;
    • Insight into how a biblical counseling and discipleship center functions- our culture, processes, and experience staff dynamics.

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Reigning Grace Counseling Center is not a licensed counseling agency, nor are its counselors psychologically or medically-trained therapists.
We are minsiters of Jesus Christ and we offer ‘pastoral’ counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.