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Our counselors are heavily involved in ministering to their home church during the week. They desire to serve you by making themselves available to speak or teach at your conference or event. It is not always possible to accommodate every request. We thank you for your understanding.  

If these terms and guidelines are acceptable, then we invite you to contact us to set up your conference or retreat event. Thank you for your interest and consideration in having someone from Reigning Grace Counseling Center speak at your event. May the Lord Bless your ministry to His people!

Travel Information

When traveling out of the area, our team members fly in and out of Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, Missouri and prefer non-stop flights to and from their destination when possible. Upon arrival, they will need transportation to and from the airport and venue. If she is traveling alone, Julie asks that a woman from your church or organization pick her up and drop her off.  


When lodging is required, your speaker requests a private, non-smoking room at the hotel or conference center to rest and prepare for your conference.  


The host church or organization is responsible for all travel expenses and lodging. We request that these arrangements be made in communication with our office.  


Our speakers make frequent use of PowerPoint and notes in their teaching. We will arrange to have the PowerPoint presentation and notes for the selected conference topics emailed to you at least two weeks prior to your event to allow you time to assemble binders or incorporate notes into your materials. Please let us know ahead of time if you will not be using PowerPoint as it makes a difference in the package we send you.  

Books and Materials

If you will be having a bookstore at your conference and would like Julie’s books and materials, please contact us by email to arrange titles and number of books. Transporting a small number of books on the plane is possible; however large numbers will have to be shipped. If you would like suggestions on authors and titles specific to your conference, she will be happy to consult with you.  

Speaking Fees

We understand that many smaller churches are prevented from obtaining speakers who require large numbers of attendees for conferences, and many who desire to attend conferences cannot afford the fees. We desire to make this teaching and information attainable for everyone; therefore at this time RGCC does not have a set honorarium or fee for speaking. We trust that your church or organization will offer what you can righteously afford. If it is more, thank you – and if it is less, we trust that you are doing what you can and thank you for your sacrificial generosity.  

Request a Speaker

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