Bearing One Another’s Burdens: Helping Hurting Families 2017 Complete Conference Audio Downloads



Six plenary sessions with Lou Priolo.
Seventeen Workshop Sessions listed below.
All files are in Mp3 format and we are also including the notes where applicable.

Workshop #1 Cultivating Companionship in Marriage – Patrick Van Hoecke
Your Marriage can Shape your Children’s Marriage – Tony Felich
Having a Heart to Help Elderly Parents – Barbara Bridges

Workshop #2 Domestic Violence: Helping Counselors Assess – Dianne Keech
Caught in Conflict: How to Get Out – Nathan Currey
The Inside Truth about Counseling Youth for Change – Mark Hager
4 Must Issues in Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling – Stephen Ganschow

Workshop #3 Tools to Pray more Effectively – Lorie Burton
Communication: An Important Key to a Healthy Marriage – John Blackburn
Marriage Restoration – Stephen Ganschow

Workshop #4  Songs for the Sorrowful: Rich Tools for Grieving – Nathan Currey
The Critical Need for Pre-Marital Counseling – Julie Ganschow

Workshop #5  Guiding your Children’s Courtship/Dating View and Practice – Tony Felich
Bearing the Burdens of the Elderly – Suzanne Holland
What to do When Abuse has been Reported:  Helping Counselors through the Child Welfare Maze – Dianne Keech

Workshop #6  Talking to  your Children about SEX (Before the Neighborhood Kids Do) – John Blackburn
The Effects of Substance Abuse on Marriages and Families – Larry Ganschow
Parenting the Prodigal Child – Julie Ganschow


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