Our Counselors and Staff

Reigning Grace Counseling Center retains counselors, instructors, and staff who are committed to the idea of “life change through heart change,” an adage coined by founder, Dr. Julie Ganschow, Ph.D. 

Each member of the Reigning Grace team looks soberly to God’s Word in answering life’s questions.

Each member of the counseling staff is a ministering servant in their church and the community at large and is certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counseling (ACBC) and the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC).

We encourage you to take a moment to become acquainted with each one.


Dr. Julie Ganschow, Ph.D.

Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center

Dr. Julie Ganschow, Ph.D., is the founder and Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center and Biblical Counseling for Women. She completed her Ph.D. in biblical counseling in 2019 and is certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC). She also serves on the Counsel Board for the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Julie is passionate about the critical need for heart change in a person who desires change in their life. She has been writing a daily blog on women’s counseling issues since 2008.  You can find her blog at bc4women.org and more information about her ministries at biblicalcounselingforwomen.org.

Larry Ganschow

Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselor

After struggling with addictions as a teen and young adult, Larry has now enjoyed over three decades of sobriety.

With more than 30 years of experience in addictions and substance abuse counseling, Larry brings textbook knowledge, field experience, and personal victories into his counseling. Larry is a credentialed treatment provider for the state of Missouri and is certified in biblical counseling through IABC. He knows as John Calvin has stated, “The heart is an idol factory,” and works tirelessly to lead his counselees to the conviction of sin and bring them to repentance.  Larry and Julie have three sons and two grandchildren.

Bill Schlacks

Biblical Counselor 

After working in the field of secular mental healthcare for over two decades, the Lord led Bill to use the skills and experience he had developed to pursue biblical counseling. Gifted in helping those who are hurting and seeking help, Bill sees counseling as offering grace and truth to individuals who are seeking to change. Bill holds a Master’s Degree in counseling and is certified by the IABC. He has been married for over 25 years, has a blended family, and makes his home in Kansas City.

Brent Campbell

Biblical Counselor, Training Program Instructor

Brent is a certified counselor with the IABC and the ACBC. Brent has a BA in human resource management from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK, and is working toward a degree in Christian education at Midwestern Theological Seminary.

Pastor Paul Price

Biblical Counselor

Paul was born in Enid, OK and was raised in a family of twelve. He father passed away at the age of two, leaving his mother to raise nine children by herself.
After serving in the U.S Navy in 1972-1975 God called him to preach with enrollment into seminary in Virginia for four years. Throughout his 38 years as a pastor
the Lord has lead him to help many people to enjoy not endure their walk with God through Biblical counseling. He has been with RGCC for two years and
has enjoyed giving Bible answers  to the difficulties counselees find themselves in. Paul has helped many pastors and missionaries to cope with identity
crisis coming out of the ministry.

Stephen Ganschow

Biblical Counselor, Training Program Instructor

Stephen Ganschow, Ph.D., has been with RGCC since its inception. While he provides some
long-distance counseling, his current role is strategic development, consultation, and teaching within Reigning Grace Institute as an instructor. Additionally, he serves as the Pastor of Counseling at Bethel Church in northwestern Indiana. He is a Level II-certified biblical counselor with the ACBC, is certified by the IABC, and has various specialty certifications in a wide array of counseling disciplines. Additionally, he is pursuing an Ed.D. in Community Care Counseling, with an emphasis on the pastoral counseling and the local church.

Anne Dryburgh

Biblical Counselor

Anne Dryburgh, Ph.D., is an ACBC and IABC certified biblical counselor and a CABC (Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselor) who has been a missionary with Echoes International in Flemish-speaking Belgium since the 1990s. She coordinates Reigning Grace Institute Europe, is a Truth in Love Biblical Counseling Center team member, is on the advisory board of Biblical Counselling Africa, and the advisory board of Fallen Soldiers March. Anne also co-ordinates the European Biblical Counselling Network and hosts the Counselling Conversations youtube channel. She is an external reader for doctoral candidates at the Master’s International University of Divinity. Anne is the author of Debilitated and Diminished: Help for Women in Emotionally Abusive Marriages, and (Un)ashamed: Christ’s Transforming Hope for Rape Victims.

Carol Kidd

Office Manager

Carol completed the first Biblical counseling training course offered by RGCC when they first began in Kansas City. After retiring from her secular job, she became administrative assistant at RGCC to fill a need in the ministry. This transitioned into office manager which is her current role.

Chrysti Hettrick

Administrative Assistant-Reigning Grace Institute Training Program

More information coming soon.

Shelly Campbell

Biblical Counselor

More information coming soon.

Jamie Randolph

Biblical Counselor

Jamie has been married to Kelly for 36 years and they have four grown children and three adorable grandkids. She was raised in the church. In her late teen years, Jamie came to faith in Christ after a time of deep personal conviction. Since she was a young adult, Jamie has had a passion for the Word of God and ministry to women. As the wife of a pastor, Jamie has ministered to women in various capacities for over 25 years. For eight years, she served as an advocate counselor at a local pregnancy crisis center. She has an active Bible teaching ministry in her church. This love for the ministry of the word and personal discipleship led her to pursue biblical counseling. She completed her ACBC certification in 2019. Jamie is thrilled to be part of the Reigning Grace team.

Tamara Bainter

Biblical Counselor

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Elizabeth Clevenger

Biblical Counselor

Elizabeth was raised in Italy as a missionary (or third culture) kid and is well-acquainted with the joys and challenges involved in cross-cultural living and the full-time ministry lifestyle. With a BA in music performance and an MA in biblical counseling, Elizabeth enjoys using both the written Word and Christian music to help people experience the fullness of life that Christ has made possible for all who come. As a single woman actively involved in her church and in biblical counseling, she loves to equip and encourage single people to whole-heartedly pursue the assignment in which God has so wisely and providentially placed them. She lives in the Kansas City, MO, area, is certified by IABC, and is comfortable in the English, Italian, and Spanish languages.

Sherrie Holman

Biblical Counselor

Sherrie lives in Kansas City with her husband Phillip of 36 years as of 2020; they are blessed with two children and three grandchildren. She has predominately been a homemaker and housewife and has known fulfillment there. A deep love of God’s word has led her to understand that our ability to love
God is inextricably tied to our love of our brothers and sisters in Christ and that the fulfillment of the whole of the law (Love God and love your neighbor) is culminated and demonstrated to us at the cross
where Jesus in obedience to the Father laid down his life in love to mankind. She knew then that service to those of her household was no less essential than service to the household of God-the church. As way of service, Sherrie enjoys teaching elementary Sunday school and helping women and children learn essential life changing truth through Biblical counsel. She was trained in biblical counseling through RGCC and is IABC certified. Sherrie desires to please and glorify God and wants God’s best for all His people.

Guy Hanna

Biblical Counselor

As an ACBC Biblical Counselor Guy loves the Word of God and loves people. He understands that many have not been fully discipled and need someone to teach them how to apply the Scripture to their lives. His goal is to teach individuals, couples, and families the precepts and principles of Scripture and to equip them with the tools necessary for spiritual growth. Guy is an ordained minister, former pastor, and hospice chaplain. He holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling.

Suzanne Holland

Biblical Counselor

Suzanne Holland has been discipling women for over 20 years, first as director of Women’s Ministries at the church where she first met Christ, and later through more informal means, including Bible studies, fellowship groups, and one-on-one mentoring. Upon discovering the Biblical Counseling movement in the early 2000’s, she began her training with NANC, and was later certified as an ACBC biblical counselor. During this time, she also received certification with IABC, and began counseling at Reigning Grace. She is passionate about sharing the truth of God’s Word with those who seek to change. She is especially interested in helping those who struggle with chronic pain, disability, and fear of man issues. Suzanne holds a BA in Psychology, which she earned before becoming a believer. Providentially, this education has prepared her for the many counselees who come with diagnostic labels given them by secular mental health providers. It is a joy for her to shed light on these labels, offering counselees freedom from the bondage of what many were told would be lifelong afflictions. Suzanne has been married to John for over 31 years. They have two adult sons, one lovely daughter-in-law, and a sweet little rescued Chihuahua named Ruby.

Hannah King

Administrative Assistant

Hannah is a student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary finishing her M.A. of Biblical Counseling before pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling. Upon graduating with her M.A., Hannah will be a certified biblical counselor with the ACBC. She has a heart for walking with women through the hardships of life and pointing them back to the steadfast truth and sufficiency of God’s Word. She hopes to serve the church through her ministry as a counselor.

Pastor Bruce Roeder

Biblical Counselor

Bruce is a part-time pastor with Missio Dei Fellowship in Kenosha and Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has a Master’s in Biblical Counseling and is certified with the ACBC and IABC. He is married to his wife Elizabeth for 46 years. They have one son, a wonderful daughter-in-law and three great grandkids.

Jason Groshart

Biblical Counselor

Jason Groshart has a Masters of Divinity in Biblical Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. He is also a certified Biblical Counselor with the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC). Jason was delivered from homelessness and addiction by Christ and through Christian living. He is dedicated to using his testimony and background to help others who are struggling with substance abuse and other spiritual afflictions. Jason’s hope is in teaching others that by taking God at His Word and following in obedience they can be delivered as he has. Simply put, Jason believes that Jesus is Better. Jason is married with two children and lives in Sedalia in the heart of Missouri. Jason is active in his church ministries as well as prison, recovery, and addiction ministries.

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