2024 Kansas City Fundamentals Training

Join us LIVE in Kansas City for Fundamentals Training!


RGCC is offering LIVE Fundamentals Training in Kansas City this year! Training will include teaching, case studies, book groups and discussion. To register for the training, you must first fill out the registration form below. Once you have submitted your form, you must pay for the training by clicking the link provided below. After registration, you will be given further instructions via email on training materials and event information. See below for more specific course information and the cost of training!


Two Options for Kansas City Fundamentals:


Certification Training: In order to apply this Fundamentals Training towards certification with ACBC, IABC, or FBC, you must register & pay for the Full Training track in Kansas City.

Audit: If you are only interesting in attending the lectures of the Fundamentals Training, and not pursuing certification, please register and pay for the Audit track in Kansas City.

*Disclaimer: Completing our training at RGI does not guarantee full certification at any affiliated organization.

Have you already registered and now need to pay for upcoming modules? Scroll down for payment information below!

Kansas City Training Dates Meeting Thursdays & Fridays 6-9 pm and Saturdays 8 am – 12 pm:

Module 1: March 07-09, 2024

Module 2: May 02-04, 2024

Module 3: June 27-29, 2024

Module 4: August 22-24, 2024

Module 5: October 10-12, 2024

Contact Information for Training:

Phone Number: (816)694-1677



Location for Training:

Bethel Baptist Church

3700 NE Barry Road  Kansas CityMissouri 64156

Biblical Counseling Book Study Groups

We are excited to announce that in 2024 Reigning Grace Institute will provide a book study for all its students. Whether you are an online student or planning on doing the live KC fundamentals training, this book study is an amazing opportunity to grow and learn throughout the course. The first date of group discussion will be January 9th, 2024, and will continue to meet weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30 -8 pm CST.

Meet Your Instructors!

Julie Ganschow, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, Founder of BC4Women Blog

Julie has been involved in biblical counseling and discipleship for more than 25 years. She has a M.A. of Biblical Counseling, a Ph.D., Biblical Counseling, and is certified through ACBC and IABC. She is the founder and Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, and the founder of Biblical Counseling for Women. She is a featured contributor in GriefShare, serves on the Advisory Board of The Fallen Soldiers March, and is a commissioned member for The Addiction Connection. She has also authored numerous books and co-authored the training course. She makes her home in Kansas City, Missouri, with her wonderful husband, Larry.

Jonathan Hayashi, Ph.D.

Biblical Counselor, Training Program Instructor, Men’s Discipleship Blog Contributor 

Dr. Jonathan Hayashi has a B.A. of Pastoral Ministry, M.A. of Congregational Leadership and a D.Ed.Min. of Biblical Counseling. He presently serves as a pastor in the north of the KC area and on the Executive Committee at Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO), and additionally on the Board of Trustees at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jonathan is a contributor for the bi-weekly journal, Pathway (Missouri Baptist Convention), and is the author of Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship, as well as Making Lemonade: Turning Past Failures into Gospel Opportunities. He is a Level II-certified biblical counselor with the ACBC. He and his wife, Kennedi, have four children: Kaede, Seiji, Anna, and Ren. 

Stephen Ganschow, Ph.D.

Biblical Counselor, Training Program Instructor

Stephen Ganschow, Ph.D., has been with Reigning Grace since its inception. While he provides some long-distance counseling, his current role is strategic development, consultation, and teaching within Reigning Grace Institute as an instructor. Additionally, he serves as the Pastor of Counseling at Bethel Church in northwestern Indiana. He is a Level II-certified biblical counselor with the ACBC, is certified by the IABC, and has various specialty certifications in a wide array of counseling disciplines. Additionally, he is pursuing an Ed.D. in Community Care Counseling, with an emphasis on the pastoral counseling and the local church.

Mary Paas

Biblical Counselor, Chaplain

Mary is a licensed Chaplain and an ACBC and FBC certified Biblical Counselor. She has served on local boards and on staff at ministries, including Joni and Friends. She has taught the Bible to groups inside the walls of the church and outside the walls. Mary finds joy in providing hope and help from God’s Word at Reigning Grace and Fallen Soldiers March.

Check Out Our Course Offerings Below
100 - Firm Foundation

Students will see how from the very beginning humanity has always been dependent on the Word of God, with biblical counseling being an extension of that. They will learn the Bible-based mandate for counseling and its focus on the heart, the Bible’s superior answers to the secular thinking, the role of sanctification in counseling, as well as get a taste of the action as they are walked through the flow of a counseling session. The lessons within this course include:

  • The Mandate for Biblical Discipleship Counseling
  • The Bible’s Superior Answers to Secular Thought
  • The Context for Biblical Discipleship Counseling and the Role of the Church
  • Sanctification: The Process of Growth
  • Session Progression: The Flow of a Counseling Appointment
  • Getting to the HEART of the Matter
200 - Theology

Because biblical counseling finds its origin in the character of God, the theology coursework focuses on the theological necessities of biblical counseling. Students will gain an adequate view of God, self, sin, and the work of the Holy Spirit as it pertains to the counseling process. They will also learn the critical nature of grace and repentance. Finally, students will gain expertise in the use of the whole Bible, in proper context, to expertly care for people. The lessons within this course include:

  • An Adequate View of God for Biblical Counseling
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit in Biblical Counseling
  • An Adequate View of Self and Sin for Biblical Counseling
  • Grace in Biblical Counseling
  • Hermeneutics in Biblical Counseling
  • The Critical Role of Repentance in Biblical Counseling
300 - The Practice of Biblical Counseling

While there are many effective methods of counseling, the ones that produce competent counselors share several common themes. Students will learn to gather data through effective question asking and relationship building expertly. They will be taught how to give hope in the darkest of human suffering, and when necessary, give directive counseling or correction. The student will also learn how to bring a counseling relationship to a close. The lessons within this course include: 

  • Gathering Data and Finding the Problem
  • Developing Relationship/Rapport and Giving Hope
  • Effective Question Asking
  • Homework That Helps
  • Being Human: Understanding Trials, Suffering, and Grief
  • Giving Directive Counsel and/or Ending the Relationship
400 - Marriage and Family

Today’s culture has a very different understanding of marriage and family than it did in Jesus’ day. The marriage and family coursework focuses on biblical manhood, biblical womanhood, and God’s design for marriage. Students will also learn critical skills to provide competent counsel for couples and families, including training on communication, redemptive parenting, and the dangerous effects of sexual sin. The lessons within this course include:

  • Biblical Manhood
  • Biblical Womanhood
  • Marriage: A Biblical Covenant
  • Biblical Communication
  • Redemptive Parenting
  • The Pornography Epidemic
500 - Cultural Concerns

Culture wrongly accuses the Bible of no longer being valid. Students will learn this is far from the case. They will learn about medication, collaboration with the medical community, and how it is to be an asset and not a hindrance to a counselee who struggles this way. There is also specific training on other cultural hot button items, such as depression, guilt, anxiety, and the need for forgiveness to biblically treat the whole person, body, and soul. The lessons within this course include:

  • Meds or Magic? What Are We Really Talking About?
  • Medication Use in Biblical Counseling
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Overcoming Guilt
  • Forgiving and Forgiving

Cost of Training

Registering for the 2024 Kansas City Fundamentals Training costs $200 for each Module per person.

If you choose to audit the Training, it will cost $100 per person. After submitting the registration form, please pay through the link below!

Would you like to pay for all five modules up front? Click the option below!

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Reigning Grace Counseling Center is not a licensed counseling agency, nor are its counselors psychologically or medically-trained therapists.
We are minsiters of Jesus Christ and we offer ‘pastoral’ counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.