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The brochures below are quadfolds and can be printed on 8.5 x 14 inch paper. We only ask that you do not charge for them, and that you would be sure our ministry information remains on the brochure. Thank you for your support.

Curing the Heart of Bitterness

Bitterness is pervasive and invasive and is the death to many relationships. This brochure is a mini-session on understanding bitterness from a heart-level perspective. It includes graphics and some short homework for a person desiring to overcome this devastating sin issue.

The Angry Heart

An angry person is typically thought of as one who explodes and vents their wrath on others. However, the silent saint can be equally as angry inside! Both responses to the God-given emotion of anger are wrong! This brochure is packed with helpful counsel for understanding the heart of anger and overcoming it biblically. It includes diagrams to help the reader visualize the internal workings of an angry heart.

The Forgiving Heart

When Jesus told Peter he had to forgive 70 times 7 he was not suggesting that Peter keep a chart of how many times he forgave and when the chart hit 490 times his responsibility to forgive was over. Our Lord, was in fact closing a loophole with Peter who thought he was being gracious by suggesting that forgiveness is calculated at 7 times. Jesus uses hyperbole to make the point that the grace of forgiveness is without limitation.

The Prideful Heart

The heart of pride is often confused with the common issue of shyness. Does this surprise you? You must read this brochure if you have been told you suffer from “low self-esteem” and get a biblical perspective on that often misunderstood spiritual issue!

The Idolatrous Heart

John Calvin said the heart is an idol factory and that has not changed in our modern and progressive age. Idolatry is often thought of as praying to statues or worshiping false deities. This brochure explains with clarity the true nature of idolatry and reveals why we all struggle with this sinful issue on a daily basis. A must read for someone interested in biblical counseling or personal discipleship!

The Victim’s Heart

Written for the person who has been a victim or a victimizer. This brochure reveals common pitfalls for the one who has suffered at the hands of another, especially in a marriage situation where infidelity or some other betrayal of trust has taken place.

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