The Process of Biblical Heart Change by Julie Ganschow

This workbook manual is based upon the best-selling booklet The Process of Biblical Change used in counseling and discipleship all over the world. This amplified version is divided into three sections and contains chapters on the Sovereignty of God, Salvation, and practical application of the principles of heart change. The Questions for the Reader in every chapter make this an ideal workbook for small groups, Bible studies, and personal discipleship.

Living Beyond the Heart of Betrayal: 
Biblically Addressing the Pain of Sexual Sin  by Julie Ganschow

Has your marriage been touched by sexual immorality? No matter what sexual sin your spouse has committed, when you learned of it your life was changed. Your world tilted off of its axis and you realized nothing would ever be the same again. This is true, nothing will be the same. But it can be better. Sexual sin does not have to ruin your life or your marriage. It does not define who you are. This book offers the help and healing our Lord offers in understanding and overcoming the pain of a spouse’s sexual sin. You will find the God who heals.

The Process of Biblical Change (booklet) by Julie Ganschow

The little booklet that began it all! This handy booklet explains the process of heart change in the life of a person who desires to change their life. Based on Ephesians 4:22-24 and Romans 12:1-2, this material explains why behavior changes will not bring about true and lasting change in a person’s life. This booklet is perfect for an initial homework assignment for someone in discipleship/counseling and is a staple at RGCC. It has been used all over the US and in Europe for the purpose of teaching the process of biblical change!

El Proceso de Cambios Biblicos (Spanish Edition) by Julie Ganschow

¡El librito que comenzó todo! Este práctico folleto explica el proceso de cambio de corazón en la vida de una persona que desea cambiar. Basado en Efesios 4:22-24 y Romanos 12:1- 2 este material explica por qué los cambios de comportamiento no va a traer el cambio verdadero y durable de la vida de una persona. Este folleto es perfecto para una tarea inicial para alguien en el discipulado / asesoramiento y es un alimento básico en el RGCC. ¡Ha sido utilizado en los EE.UU. y en Europa con el propósito de enseñar el proceso de cambio bíblico!

Seeing Depression Through the Eyes of Grace by Julie Ganschow

Although an explosion of depression seems to have hit our society in recent years, depression is not unique to any person or point in time. God’s Word is replete with examples of heroes of the faith who struggled with sorrow without hope.For each of us, the circumstance or situation that brings us to the point of depression, or any other trouble in life, is an instrument used by God to cause us to come to the table of His grace and His healing Word. If you are suffering from depressive feelings, consider that you are being led to the banquet feast of God’s Word, the riches of His grace. Part One of this book describes the process of depression and God’s solutions to those feelings in a practical and applicable manner. Part Two addresses the current medical and psychological thinking on depression, chemical imbalance, and medication to treat depression from the biblical perspective.

Questions on the Heart Level by Julie Ganschow

Every biblical counselor understands the beginning process of discipleship counseling. We begin by gathering data, and getting information from the counselee. We want to learn the problem. Before we can give any counsel, we have to know what we are counseling about! Asking the kind of questions that elicit heart level responses is hard work! This will cause you to think as well, and I strongly believe good question asking is at the center of good counseling. We have to expose a heart that is by nature secretive and deceptive. It takes work to come up with good questions that will cause the counselee to think.

Toward a Biblical Understanding of Self-Injury by Julie Ganschow

 I would encourage you to follow biblical principles when dealing with self-injury rather than going the route of psychotherapy and secular counseling. Secular reasoning is contrary to biblical methodology. Self- abusers don’t have an illness that can medically be diagnosed; what they do have is a faulty coping mechanism that is truly a sinful habit.

A Biblical Counselor’s Approach to Marital Abuse: Roadmap to Reunification by Julie Ganschow, Bill Schlacks

In this revised and updated version, we provide a straightforward, biblical roadmap for addressing the heart issues that contribute to physical and non-physical forms of abuse. The four-phase process of recognition, repentance, reconciliation, and reunification of a couple when there has been domestic abuse gives Christ-centered hope for restoration in the midst of the hopelessness wrought in abusive situations for the victim(s) and the abuser.

Disciple Journal: Daily Pursuit of Christ and His Likeness: 14-Day Guided Journey by Mary Paas

This Journal will aid individuals in daily, intentional interaction with God. It encourages the disciple of Jesus Christ to slow down to dissect, analyze, and take in what God’s Word says through meditating and memorizing it. This interactive 14-day Journal contains the daily study of God with application and response. Each prayer page is structured in a manner to help you fix your spiritual sight upon the Lord and re-orient your heart towards Christ.

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